Lagoon 380 Catamaran

The Lagoon 380 is the smallest catamaran built by Lagoon at 38 feet and is known as the most successful cruising catamaran model. Introduced in 2000,  it was built to be a workhouse for the charter industry and an entry level-cruiser. It is a great entry level cruising catamaran that sails better than many other cats and provides lots of living space for the money.

Despite the small size the Lagoon 380 combines spacious accommodations normally reserved for much larger catamarans while still retaining decent performance. Charter versions of the Lagoon 380 have four staterooms and two heads. Owner versions have a master suite in the starboard hull that has a spacious bathroom with shower and head, in addition to a small office space. 

The Lagoon 380 has above average performance and can reach speeds up to 10 knots in strong winds. With the wider hulls, weight and low aspect keels, the Lagoon 380 performance significantly decreases as you get closer to apparent wind. It is also slow in lighter winds due and most sailors will prefer to motor. 

The main salon is spacious and provides 360 degree views of the world outside. It is fitted with the vertical windows that Lagoon is known for and a sliding  panel that opens up to connect the saloon and the cockpit. The saloon has able seating for a family or entertaining guests. However, it suffers from limited shelf space and a small navigation station that doesn’t have much room for charts or additional electronics. 

The Lagoon 380 has a single station helm on the port side with a raised platform that gives good visibility. Most of the sail controls including the main halyard, main sheet and port jib sheet are accessible at the helm.   The hulls are built of solid fiberglass below the waterline and a mix of foam and balsa core above the waterline. The hulls are rather wide to accommodate double births and the bridge deck has 2.65 feet of clearance.

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