Outremer Catamarans

Outremer builds performance blue water cruising catamarans that are known for their speed and passage making capabilities. Outremer catamarans come in five different models ranging in size from 45 feet to 60 feet in length. Outremer has won multiple awards for its innovative designs including best European boat and boat of the year. Outremer catamarans range in price with Outremer 5Xs going for 2M+ and older, used Outremer 40s for as low as $225,000+. For more information on pricing for new Outremer catamarans visit the Outremer website or authorized dealer.

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Outremer Models

Outremer 4X

Outremer 4X

Outremer 4X is the performance version of the Outremer 45. 4X is more elongated than its predecessor and also offers increased speed. However, it is not a racing catamaran. Rather, the idea behind it is that of a fast multihull boat worthy of being taken on long voyages by a small family. DESIGN – INTERIOR & EXTERIOR As always, the focus of the Outremer 4X catamaran is seaworthiness, comfort, and safety. Outremer achieves its idea of comfort not by extravagant living spaces but by specific designing details that make the catamaran a nimble delight on the sea. The hulls of the Outremer 4X have been elongated by 3 ft. to give it more structural stability. The Outremer 4X catamaran has

Outremer 45 Catamaran

Outremer 45

Outremer strives to build fast-cruising catamarans while also not compromising on safety and comfort. First launched in 2015 and still in production, Outremer 45 is designed for sustained offshore cruising for extended periods of time – much like its predecessors Outremer 51 and Outremer 5X. DESIGN – INTERIOR AND EXTERIOR The Outremer 45 is a product of architecture by Barreau-Neuman, style by Partick Le Quement and interior design by Darnet Design. Outremer offers different options to the owners to truly customize the look of the interior according to their wishes. One such option is teak wood finishing, which gives Outremer 45 a gorgeous look. DECK The cockpit of the Outremer 45 is accessed via two big steps and built asymmetrically.

Outremer 5X Catamaran

Outremer 5X

Winner of the European Yacht of the Year and the US Boat of the Year, the Outremer 5X is the flagship catamaran of Outremer Yachting. Although well beyond an average sailor’s price range, the 5X catamaran is worth its hefty price tag. This massive 59 footer offers incredible facilities onboard while also strictly holding on to the functions which make it a force on the sea. DESIGN – INTERIOR & EXTERIOR The Outremer 5X is a result of the coming together of recognized designers and builders. With the naval architecture of France’s VPLP, deck layout by Michel Desjoyeaux, interior design by Darnet Design, and the global design by Patrick Le Quement, the Outremer 5X reflects particular attention to details and

Outremer 51 Catamaran

Outremer 51

Bagging prestigious awards such as The European Yacht of the Year Award and the Boat of the Year Award, the Outremer 51 catamaran is a prime example of a boat built for bluewater cruising. The strength and power lent through the refinement of its predecessor Outremer 49’s technical features and the sleek elegance provided by Franck Darnet’s interior design, led to the Outremer 51 being a best-selling pinnacle of offshore sailing. Perhaps what makes the Outremer 51 such a sight to see and an experience to liveaboard is the incorporation of feedback received from owners and sailors. The Outremer 51 has been built specifically with performance and speed as the top priority and easily out. Despite being a 51-footer, it

Outremer 49 Catamaran

Outremer 49

The main objective of the Outremer 49 catamaran is to provide a prime seaworthy performance. To achieve this end, Outremer 49 has sacrificed the space available not only on-deck but also inside the cabin in favor of high speed. With its slender hulls, pulled- back foredeck, and rounded trunk cabin, Outremer 49 offers enhanced performance, faster sailing, and increased structural integrity.  DESIGN – INTERIOR & EXTERIOR With the 49, Outremer has kept its goal of optimum blue-water cruising clear, but while doing so, it has not compromised on its aesthetic. Architecture by Christophe Barreau and Frederic Neuman, along with interior designing from Franck Darnet, Outremer 49 integrates a sleek look with high-standard functionality. DECK Outremer 49 has two carbon-fiber tillers