Seawind Catamarans

For 35+ years, Seawind catamarans has been building and designing cruising catamarans. In 2010, they acquired Corsair Marine and all Seawinds are currently build at the Corsair facility. Seawind builds performance oriented catamarans that are fast, seaworthy passage makers. Seawind catamarans offers 15 different models of catamaran and trimarans and is one of the largest multihull builders in the world. They build strong, light weight composite catamarans that leverage resin infusion and vacuum bagging. Seawind catamaran prices as low as $100,000+ for a used Seawind 1160 and up to $800,000+ for a new Seawind 1600. For information on pricing of new Seawind catamarans please visit their website or contact an authorized dealer.

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Seawind Models

Seawind 1600 Catamaran

Seawind 1600

The Seawind 1600 is a blue water cruiser designed to have a balance of sailing performance and cruising comfort. It is built with the latest techniques using a composite construction, and a great effort is made to save weight, making this catamaran fast and practical. DESIGN – INTERIOR & EXTERIOR The Seawind 1600 was designed by renowned naval architects Reichel Pugh and built by Seawind, an Australian based company that recently moved its production facilities to Vietnam. Designed with performance and weight saving in mind, it’s hulls are narrow and reinforced with Kevlar and carbon. The interior has a minimalist design and is offered in two finishes, “European” and “Traditional.” The retractable rudders and daggerboards give a maximum draft of

Seawind 1260 Catamaran

Seawind 1260

The Seawind 1260 was named the best sailing catamaran under 50 feet by Cruising WorldMmagazine in 2018. It was designed for serious bluewater cruising and is based on the earlier Seawind 1250 with upgrades and refinements. The spacious living area with brilliant natural ventilation, protected cockpit lounge, and social helm seats create an open, indoor/outdoor lifestyle. While the robust and comfortable design contributes to it being a safe and luxurious offshore cruiser. DESIGN – INTERIOR & EXTERIOR Seawind has been manufacturing and designing cruising catamarans for over 35 years. Originally established in Australia, the Seawind 1260 is built in Vietnam after production was moved there a few years ago. These boats are constructed as full female molded hulls and decks,