Lagoon Catamarans

Lagoon catamarans are known for their spacious accommodations, innovative design and better than average sailing capabilities. They are popular with both live aboard sailors and catamaran charters. Lagoons catamaran models range in size from 38 feet to 78 feet in length. They are also the builders of the Lagoon 380, the most popular catamaran model in history. Currently, 14 models are offered by Lagoon with a variety of configurations, floor plans and accessories. 

Lagoon was founded in 1984 by Jeanneau, a high volume monohull sailboat  builder that was eventually purchased by Beneteau. The catamarans are designed by internationally renowned architects Lauriot Prevost and Van Peteghem of VPLP and built in X, France. With more than 4,700 Lagoon catamarans built to date, Lagoon is the largest producer of multihulls in the world. 

For a sailor looking for a spacious live aboard catamaran a Lagoon is a great option. However, this space comes at the cost a significantly heavier catamaran than more performance oriented models.

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Lagoon Models

Lagoon 410 Catamaran

Lagoon 410

The successor of the Lagoon 42, the Lagoon 410 catamaran is quite different in terms of the massive bridge deck saloon, saloon leveling, and the genoa jib it offers. It is wider which means it offers more lateral stability, safety, and volume. DESIGN – INTERIOR & EXTERIOR ACCOMMODATIONS The Lagoon 410 offers four large double cabins with a bathroom in each or one large washroom and a study in the starboard hull. The aft and the forward cabins are spacious, and can easily accommodate a family of 8 onboard, although the forward cabins are slightly narrower than the aft cabins. There is also headspace in not only the cabins but also the passageway to make movement easy and fluid. The

Lagoon 50 Catamaran

Lagoon 50

Winner of The Multihull of The Year Award 2018, the British Yachting Awards 2018, and the Sail’s Best Boat of The Year Award of 2019, the Lagoon 50 catamaran offers some thoughtful and innovative features. Some parts of the catamaran – such as the cockpit and the saloon – have been completely redesigned. DESIGN – INTERIOR & EXTERIOR The interior design of the Lagoon 50 is a product of the Nauta Design while Patrick Le Quement and VPLP Design gave shape to its exterior. The Lagoon 50 catamaran, with its rich and dark Alpi Walnut plywood construction and UV varnish finishing, comes with three, four, and even six cabin layouts and provides a generous amount of volume and space. DECK

Lagoon 77 Catamaran

Lagoon 77

Winner of the Adriatic Boat of The Year and the Asian Award, the 23.3 metres tall Lagoon 77 catamaran is the largest Lagoon ever built in the world. Remarkably spacious yet also very luxuriously built, the Lagoon 77 catamaran is a product of exterior design from Patrick Le Quement and Italian Nauta Design. DESIGN – EXTERIOR & INTERIOR The Lagoon 77 has many different layouts such as 3-cabins, 4-cabins and 5-cabins. There is also an option between forward galley and aft galley layout. DECK The side-decks of Lagoon 77 are not only wide and spacious, but also have fine teak finishing which gives the catamaran an elegant look. The side-decks lead to two large grey nylon mesh springy trampolines at

Lagoon 440

Lagoon 440

Launched in 2004, the Lagoon 440 catamaran was the first catamaran under 45 feet to boast a fly bridge and an unprecedented nacelle in the shape of a gull’s wing. With the production of 432 units, the Lagoon 440 catamaran broke world records for the under-45 feet range of catamaran. DESIGN – EXTERIOR & INTERIOR Designed by shipyard Jeanneau, the main designing objective of the Lagoon 440 was enhanced speed and reduced pitching. ACCOMODATIONS Accessed by a sliding door, the Lagoon 440 has a large saloon which can easily be populated by 8 people. The pale wooden finishing of the light interior has a calming effecting, pronounced by the air conditioning system which can be controlled separately. The vertical windows

Lagoon 42 Catamaran

Lagoon 42

From stealing the spotlight in the Sydney International Boat Show to bagging four awards within one year of its launch, the Lagoon 42 catamaran is famous for its almost oxymoronic quality of being remarkably spacious yet compact enough to be easy to navigate.  DESIGN – EXTERIOR & INTERIOR The Lagoon 42 catamaran is a powerful yet graceful product of Patrick Le Quement’s exterior designing combined with France’s VPLP Design. The interior has been designed by Italy’s Nauta Design and the Lagoon 42 boasts a generous space not only in the cockpit but also the helm and the saloon, thanks to the unique uniform cockpit to saloon leveling.  HELM The Lagoon 42 catamaran’s helm station easily fulfills the need for a

Lagoon 380 Catamaran

Lagoon 380

The Lagoon 380 is the smallest catamaran built by Lagoon at 38 feet and is known as the most successful cruising catamaran model. Introduced in 2000,  it was built to be a workhouse for the charter industry and an entry level-cruiser. It is a great entry level cruising catamaran that sails better than many other cats and provides lots of living space for the money. Despite the small size the Lagoon 380 combines spacious accommodations normally reserved for much larger catamarans while still retaining decent performance. Charter versions of the Lagoon 380 have four staterooms and two heads. Owner versions have a master suite in the starboard hull that has a spacious bathroom with shower and head, in addition to