Lagoon 410 Catamaran

The successor of the Lagoon 42, the Lagoon 410 catamaran is quite different in terms of the massive bridge deck saloon, saloon leveling, and the genoa jib it offers. It is wider which means it offers more lateral stability, safety, and volume.



The Lagoon 410 offers four large double cabins with a bathroom in each or one large washroom and a study in the starboard hull. The aft and the forward cabins are spacious, and can easily accommodate a family of 8 onboard, although the forward cabins are slightly narrower than the aft cabins. There is also headspace in not only the cabins but also the passageway to make movement easy and fluid. The bathrooms, however, are quite small but functional nevertheless.

The interior is finished with Mukali plywood which gives Lagoon 410 an elegant look while also being easy to clean and maintain.

Accessed via a wide doorway, the saloon is directly level with the cockpit without there being a need for a step.  The bridge deck saloon means that the saloon is even more spacious. It houses a comfortable seating area in the form of a settee that wraps around a table. A party of friends and family can easily be hosted while enjoying the panoramic views offered by the vertical windows. The navigation station inside the saloon comprises only a navigation desk where all the controls along with two monitors are installed.

Positioned to starboard, the galley is well-equipped with not only a refrigerator but also a chest freezer and two-burner gas stove. There are lockers in the aft lounge which allow for storage of enough supplies so various stopovers are not needed. Adjoining the galley is the lounge so reaching out for supplies or passing over snacks is easy and efficient.


The Lagoon 410 has a spacious saloon, cockpit, and side-decks. The movement around the deck is made safe with raised ledgers so there is no risk of falling over on a rough day. The storage lockers underneath the side-deck run deep and have enough space to store multiple things such as ropes and other gear.

The cockpit of the Lagoon 410 is the most redesigned part of the boat with a raised helm station. The helm station has an elevated helm seat and all the motor controls are within reach, with a control panel on the console. The cockpit itself is well-protected from sea spray to ensure no one on deck gets wet when on rough seas but the bimini protecting the cockpit from the sun also has an opening so that the helm person can stand up and maneuver with excellent visibility if need be.  There is also a table surrounded by the bench in the cockpit which makes for a good seating area.

The foredeck does not have much to offer except for one large trampoline. There are multiple lockers on deck which hold water tanks while there are generators to starboard and to port.


As far as the sails of the Lagoon 410 are concerned, it offers Spectra mainsail with an area of 53 sq. meters and a genoa jib which has an area of 36 sq. meters. The sails require a team of people to work and are dangerous for a single-person crew to maintain as the positioning of the winches requires running to and fro. However, installing an additional winch can help solve the problem by leading all the lines to the helm station.

The hull of the Lagoon 410 catamaran is made up of polyester-vinyl which provides 410 with increased buoyancy and reduced weight. The overall length of Lagoon 410 12.37 meters while the maximum beam is 7.09 meters. The minimum draft of the catamaran is 1.20 meters. The total water capacity is 390 liters while the total fuel capacity is 200 liters.


Lagoon 410 catamaran is powered by two 40-horsepower diesel engines. The engine bay of the Lagoon 410 has easy access underneath the bed via stairs which means that the engines can be easily maintained and checked. However, the downside of having the engine bay located in such a way is that the vibrations of the engines can be felt while sleeping in the cabins. The diesel for the engines is stored in the tanks beneath the aft cabin floor which means it is important to make sure that the tank is not completely full or else it will rub against the floorboards.


The price of the Lagoon 410 catamaran varies from $200,000 to $250,000.


In conclusion, the Lagoon 410 catamaran is a good, low-budget choice for a family to go offshore sailing. It is comfortably equipped, has enough storage space and follows an easy layout. Some minor adjustments can further help customize the boat to fully meet the owner’s expectations.

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