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Outremer strives to build fast-cruising catamarans while also not compromising on safety and comfort. First launched in 2015 and still in production, Outremer 45 is designed for sustained offshore cruising for extended periods of time – much like its predecessors Outremer 51 and Outremer 5X.


The Outremer 45 is a product of architecture by Barreau-Neuman, style by Partick Le Quement and interior design by Darnet Design. Outremer offers different options to the owners to truly customize the look of the interior according to their wishes. One such option is teak wood finishing, which gives Outremer 45 a gorgeous look.


The cockpit of the Outremer 45 is accessed via two big steps and built asymmetrically. It is wide and spacious and protected by a rigid bimini and canvases stretched to each of its sides. It comes with a built-in table and L-shaped bench, which, along with an opposing bench, can comfortably accommodate up to 8 people. The cockpit table is convertible and can be transformed into a berth if needed. The seats also have storage lockers underneath them. The cockpit is at level with the saloon and is accessed via a sliding glass door. The galley has access directly into the cockpit, so serving food and drinks is easy and efficient.

To aft is a single, raised helm station on the coachroof, which is accessed via three steps. It has a wheel to port and is complete with the engine control and mainsail halyard. All the lines for the mainsail and self-tacking jib are controlled from the helm, allowing shorthand sailing. The visibility from the helm station is excellent, and all four corners of the catamaran can be seen from the station, which allows for safe maneuvering. Outremer 45 also offers carbon-fiber tiller and a space-pod chair to experience steering of a different kind.

The side decks of Outremer 45 are wide and well-protected by grab rails and toe rails. The Outremer 45 also features daggerboards that optimize its performance for better upwind and downwind sailing. The lockers along the side decks are deep and spacious enough to not only store all the sails and ropes but any other equipment such as kayaks that a family might want to carry along.

The foredeck is long yet narrow and has no seating available, with space was taken over by two long trampolines. This allows the catamaran to cut back on its weight and offers exceptional hydro-dynamic performance – something also achieved by placing the bow length forward of the mast.


Movement from the cockpit to saloon and vice versa is easy and smooth. Inside the saloon, the large slanting windows give a complete 350-degree view of the world outside. This, along with multiple opening hatches and portholes inside the saloon, also makes the saloon bright and well-ventilated.

The settee, facing aft, is comfortable and large and is compounded by an additional bench stowed away under the table. Altogether, up to 8 people can be seated inside the saloon around the built-in table. The table can also telescopes down to become a berth.   

The galley on the Outremer 45 is L-shaped and ergonomic. It is also stylish, with a sleek countertop and stainless steel sink. It offers a 3-burner stove, which is rather compact, and also has a refrigerator on the opposite side. The galley also features ample space for storage in the form of a pantry with sliding drawers.

The navigation station faces forward and takes advantage of the panoramic view offered by the windows to provide a great view while on watch. The station itself is well-equipped, and the desk is spacious enough for charts or a laptop to be placed. 


The Outremer 45 offers two different versions – a 3-cabin layout with the entire starboard dedicated to the owner and a 4-cabin layout, which has an additional cabin in the starboard hull.

The owner’s version has a large 1.6 x 2.0 meters double berth in the cabin but no access around the berth. There is storage and wardrobe space to the side, and the cabin is secured with a sliding door. The corridor beyond has ample storage space in the form of cupboards and shelves. The forward section has a large bathroom and a separate shower. The cabin has good air circulation and is also bright with a lot of light filtering through its many windows.

There are two cabins to port in the guest hull with the aft cabin symmetrical to the owner’s cabin. The key feature of the aft cabin is the large, fixed, rectangular porthole, which gives a great view of the outside. The forward cabin is slightly smaller than the aft cabin and has a smaller berth. The shared bathroom in the corridor is compact yet functional with a sink, head, and shower.


Outremer 45 is powered by two Volvo 30 HP diesel engines that can acquire a top speed of 8.5 knots. The engines are accessible from outside, through a deck hatch located on the transom.


The overall length of Outremer 45 is 14.62 meters while the draft is 2.15 meters. The maximum beam of 45 is 7.1 meters, and a maximum displacement is 11,100 kg.


The price of Outremer 45 ranges from $700,000 to $750,000.


In conclusion, Outremer 45 is an above-average Outremer built with a focus on improved performance and increased speed. It is sturdy and durable yet also easy to manage with a small crew, making it ideal for a family seeking to take multiple trips around the world.

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