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Winner of the European Yacht of the Year and the US Boat of the Year, the Outremer 5X is the flagship catamaran of Outremer Yachting. Although well beyond an average sailor’s price range, the 5X catamaran is worth its hefty price tag. This massive 59 footer offers incredible facilities onboard while also strictly holding on to the functions which make it a force on the sea.


The Outremer 5X is a result of the coming together of recognized designers and builders. With the naval architecture of France’s VPLP, deck layout by Michel Desjoyeaux, interior design by Darnet Design, and the global design by Patrick Le Quement, the Outremer 5X reflects particular attention to details and features which allow it to be as seaworthy and as comfortable as it is.


The optimized deck layout by Desjoyeaux has enabled the Outremer 5X to be maneuvered short-handed. It has is built in such a way that the well-above water clearance of the bridge deck has significantly reduced slamming at higher speeds while keeping the center of gravity low prevents hobby horsing in waves.

The side-decks of Outremer 5X are wide and smooth, with angled daggerboards. All the hatches are flush with the side-deck, so the movement over them is not cumbersome. The balance of the boat can also be optimized with the daggerboards when going downwind, allowing for a smooth sailing experience.

 The foredeck of the catamaran is huge longitudinally, but there is no seating arrangement or benches. Almost all of the space on the foredeck is occupied by two large trampolines, which reduce weight and allows it to achieve the speed that Outremer aimed for.

The coachroof features two outdoor helm stations with stainless steel steering wheels both to port and to starboard. Both the helm stations are complete with engine controls, electronic navigation panels, and steering compasses. Adding on to these two helm stations are two steering stations consisting of carbon-fiber tillers and a space-pod white chair each to port and starboard. The tillers, once again, form the key feature of the Outremer 51 as it allows for a more intimate helming experience.

The visibility from each of the helm stations is excellent, and all four corners of the catamaran are visible while maneuvering. All lines are controlled by electoral winches, which allow for single-handed sailing of the vessel.

The cockpit of the Outremer 5X is spacious and can easily fit up to 15 people. The lounge is comfortable and offers a U-shaped seating on the port side wrapped around a sandwich polyester drop-leaf table. Ample space for storage is available in the form of lockers and space under the seats. The cockpit is protected from sea spray and weather with a hard-top bimini.


 The saloon of the Outremer 5X is spacious and can accommodate 8 to 10 people on the expandable table surrounded by a U-shaped settee. The table has a neat cherry wood finish, which lends the saloon an inviting air. The saloon offers a panoramic view of the world outside through its slightly slanting, vertical windows. It is also well-ventilated with 2 openings hatched forward and 4 openings hatched in the coachroof.

The galley of Outremer 5X is also U-shaped and fairly modern with a 3-burner hob, fitted oven with grill, and countertops in Corian. The galley also has storage, bins, dishwasher, and a stainless steel sink. There is also a front opening refrigerator in the galley. The galley is customizable and extra drawers can also be added for more storage area. 

The navigation station has a spacious chart table and an opening for a laptop computer. It is well-equipped with an electric multifunction control panel and a panel for navigation electronics. The seat at the nav station rotates and provides an excellent view of the sails and catamaran.


Outremer 5X is available in 3 cabin and 4 cabin versions.

The owner’s version has one large aft cabin to port and offers a choice between either a longitudinal or transverse double bed. Although there is no access around the bed, the view from the berth is clear and wide, thanks to the large rectangular port light. There is also an opening deck hatch that allows air circulation to take place. The owner’s hull is accessible via a sliding door that gives privacy to the cabin.

There is ample storage space in the hanging locker, a case for the daggerboards, a wardrobe in the companionway along with and an optional washing machine or freezer. The shower room is accessed via a door from the companionway and offers a separate shower and a manual sea toilet.

The starboard hull is designed for guests with a slightly larger aft cabin than the forward cabin and a separate shower and bathrooms. The companionway in the starboard hull also offers space for wardrobe and storage.

The interior of the Outremer 5X is lightweight and easy to maintain. The cherry wood finishing gives it a calming look and is also easy to clean. The floors are foam core sandwich, and the side and lower section is a polyester veneer which does not wear easily.


The Outremer 5X is powered by two 75 hp diesel engines with sail drive and 4-blade folding propellers. The engine room consists of a compartment underneath the transom area accessible via a hatch. The engine room is large enough for all maintenance checks to be done easily and without risk.


The overall length of the Outremer 5X catamaran is 17.98 meters, while the beam length is 8.58 meters. The maximum load displacement of Outremer 5X is 13.9 tons. The sail plan of the Outremer 5X is massive, with mainsail having an area of 125 sq. Meters and self-tacking jib of 74 sq. Meters. The height of the mast is 23.45 meters. The Outremer 5X has a total water capacity of 752 liters, including a water tank that holds about 40 liters. The total fuel capacity is 672 liters, comprising two fuel tanks.


The price of the Outremer 5X catamaran ranges from $1.8 to $2.3 million.


In conclusion, the Outremer 5X is a performance catamaran and offers not only that but also comfort and safety. It is designed to be the fastest boat in its category, and despite being very large, it is still very easy to sail and manage. However, given its hefty price tag, the Outremer 5X catamaran is not everyone’s to enjoy.  

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